Public Meeting 6-11-2020

Following the public meeting on November 6th 2020, “Taking Pride in South Norwood”, we are happy to attach notes of this meeting for you to view. This includes various questions posed and answers provided.

Cllr Muhammad Ali who is the lead responsible for Clean and Green initiative has these questions and has assured us of a response as soon as possible.

Below is the response from Cllr Muhammad regarding questions posed at the Public Meeting held on November 6th 2020.

Questions posed by residents:

  • IS – With the pressures on the council budget, how under threat is the street environment groups? Has there been any thought of bringing the waste contractor in house?
  • Answer: There are no plans to stop the street environment group. The waste contract is part of an 8 year contract which is only 4 years in, due to expire in 2025. Until this time it would not be financially viable to bring the waste contract in house, we will continue to manage the contractor ís performance through the framework set out in the contract. In 2025 all options available to the council will be explored.
  • R: Is rubbish in big belly bins recycled?
  • Answer: The waste is not currently recycled. On street recycling has shown to provide low quality recycling. Recycling is now held to a very high standard that on street recycling bins do not meet, therefore the waste cannot be sent to repressors and would ultimately be treated as waste. The council will always explore more ways to recycle and if on street recycling becomes easier to treat this will be looked into.
  • A: Could we introduce new recycling bins on high street?
  • Answer: The waste services team will survey any sites that residents believe could use more litter bins, however not all sites are suitable for bins. This information will be passed on to the team who will inspect and let the residents know the outcome.
  • WR: Who is responsible for clearing leaves off the pavements?
  • Answer: Veolia are responsible as part of the waste contract.
  • M: What can be done about the rubbish left on the roads following the waste collection service?
  • Veolia are expected to clear any dropped waste, if they do not then please report this via the Donít Mess with Croydon app, this will allow the council to check they are clearing up and rubbish dropped during collection.
  • HL: In terms of hand litter, is there any chance that the public can become comfortable with using residents’ wheelie bins to dispose of their rubbish on an opportunistic basis?
  • Answer: Unfortunately, this is classified as fly tipping under the Environment Protection Act 1990. The reason for this is if the bin is contaminated the responsibility is with the resident who is responsible for the bin. Allowing others to use this bin means residents would be held accountable for other using their bins incorrectly