News Update – July 2021

Norwood Junction Underpass

You spoke and we listened! Community Action in play!

Norwood Junction Underpass, is the less famous (probable) world’s first use of “reinforced concrete as a tunnel lining”. Of some historic relevance, the underpass has seen the installation of beautiful historic photographs, which have systematically been vandalised and continued to peel due to the water seepage through the tunnel walls. Sadly, the tunnel has been neglected and become unusable by young families.

One of the Street Champions, who was very concerned by the state of the NJ Underpass brought it to our attention. While she was willing to support us in mobilising the authorities to the clean the underpass, we were asked to take the lead on this project.

An Officer from our team came forward to undertake this task and worked closely with the Street Champion to identify and then contact the relevant departments with responsibility for maintenance of the underpass. After protracted communications to and from various departmental heads, Councillors etc, a date was finally fixed by the Highways Department to clean the whole passageway. Here is the outcome.

And After Cleaning

The footpath is still wet because of water seepage onto the path through the concrete walls, but this would require structural repair, a major task for a future date. The photographs too are peeling, and this too would require the Council maintenance department to pull down all the photographs – a job for another day.

For now, let’s encourage adults and youth to look after this historic underpass and treat it with respect.

And let us celebrate this small victory in mobilising the Council to clean up parts of our neighbourhood. ✔️

Phone App – Love South Norwood

South Norwood is piloting the roll out of an App “Love South Norwood” as part of the development of the South Norwood Digital Hub. Development of this App was also one of the key elements of the proposal to support We Love SE25’s “shop local” project. The App, which may well be the first of its kind in practice, is developed by Loquiva a Crystal Palace based technology business. It is available to download on your smartphone and features great opportunities for both businesses and residents. You can learn more about the App at the South Norwood Community Festival on 18th July 2021.

South Norwood Community Festival

We are finally seeing some sunshine here in England and with the lockdown lifting on July 19th we expect more people will start using services and businesses. Dovetailing nicely with lifting of the lockdown, South Norwood Community Festival will be reopening with a bang, on 18th July 2021. Promising a range of activities, music and food, this is a must “go to” event to reconnect with your neighbours and friends. And don’t forget to visit the “Love SoNo” App stall !!

4 thoughts on “News Update – July 2021”

  1. Hi, any updates on when we will start seeing changes to the appearance of the high street and plans for the empty shop premises?

    1. Hi Angela,

      A full progress update on the empty shop fronts will be available at the AGM scheduled for the 25th September 2:00 p.m.

  2. Hi, is there any update on the make good of the railway bridge on Portland road? I understood previously this was a project that would revamp the current bridge for pedestrians and include new lighting. Thanks, Richard

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