News Update – September 2021

We have been busy here at Team WLSE25! Some of the notable changes and work are listed below.

There are changes to our Officers team and we are excited to have enthusiastic new members to our team. They are-

  • Cllr. Mike Bonello for Woodside taking over as Vice Chair from Cllr Paul Scott. Thank you Paul for all your enthusiasm and efforts, we will see you continue your work with People for Portland Road.
  • Pooja Takiar from Spurgeons College has taken over as Co-Secretary from Shuba Rao and will work with Judith Burden, Stanley Arts to continue with the work of WLSE25
  • Shuba Rao having stepped down as Co-Secretary will focus on communications as the new Digital Communications Officer.

Below is a list of projects and work in progress. If you are interested in joining any of the activities or would like to work on an idea do let us know at [email protected]

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